Botha residents vote to join County of Stettler

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by Moush Sara John/Stettler Independent

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When Botha residents went to poll earlier today, May 15, it seemed that 52 out of the 57 voters had made up their minds.

As 91 per cent of the voters voted in favour of dissolving the Village of Botha, it was a clear message to the Minister of Municipal Affairs that they had chosen option 2, that Botha becomes a hamlet of the County of Stettler.

Because both Botha Council and now Botha residents in a large majority, have voted for dissolution, the Minister of Municipal Affairs must now recommend to the Lieutenant Governor in Council and Cabinet, that the village be dissolved and will set a date of dissolution.

“I was excited, relieved, and gratified to see that an overwhelming majority of the residents of Botha voted to become a hamlet," said Village of Botha Mayor, Flo Iskiw. "Our council believed this was the best option for our village, and now the residents have agreed that we can all move forward together."